Increase Your Luck and Achieve Your Goals

Using Life’s Unpredictable Moments to Increase Your Luck and Achieve Your Goals

27130EDURGB1Susan wanted to attend graduate school in psychology but as a single mother, lacked the money to pay. She worked several jobs when her mother could stay with the baby save some money monthly towards school. She was certain she’d earn her degree when the time was right.

One afternoon, stuck in traffic, Susan stopped in front of a local University she had considered attending until learning they had no psychology graduate program. She noticed a new building with a sign in front that she read with increasing excitement. The building housed the school’s new psychology graduate program. Without thinking about it, she turned into the campus

While looking around a woman approached Susan, introducing herself as the Graduate Studies Director Susan discussed her aspirations. Susan explained why she hadn’t yet been able to fulfill her goal The Director was impressed with Susan’s drive, attitude and determination to obtain her degree. Seeking strong students for the new program, startup funds were available for full scholarships. Before Susan left, she’d completed the application, called three individuals for references, and ordered her transcript On the way out, the Director showed her the free campus daycare. Susan now teaches at the University that helped her fulfill her dream, while her 6 year old daughter attends the campus free kindergarten.

Was Susan simply lucky? She wouldn’t have learned about the program and opportunities had she not investigated, despite lacking the funds to attend graduate school. Always keeping an open mind, Susan looked into every possibility, even those that seemed impossible, believing anything could happen if you attended to every potential opportunity that came your way.

Our perceptions of what is possible influence our thoughts, which influence our emotions and actions. Those who perceive the world as a place where anything is attainable, fill their minds with thoughts of a positive future, feel confident and secure, and are satisfied with their current reality. They quickly forget what doesn’t work out and look for the next opportunity. Individuals with these characteristics have been shown to be happier and more likely to fulfill their dreams than those who wait for chance to change their lives.

Characteristics Common to Lucky People

Most people define luck as something dependent on chance or fate, something over which they have no control. Yet those who believe they can make their own luck have certain personality characteristics that have been shown to predict the number of ideal opportunities a person encounters over time. These individuals have personality styles defined by enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, excitement over new opportunities, preference for novelty, good people skills and possessing a wide variety of interests and skills.

Individuals with this personality style see life as a gift and take advantage of each prospect they perceive Their eagerness, passion and potential inspire others and they are skillful at using their social skills to help them reach their goals. They live according to their inner values which helps direct their intuition which they feel comfortable acting upon. Their wide range of interests aids in the development of numerous skills. These characteristics predispose individuals with this personality style to perceive opportunities, determine how best to take advantage of them, and convince others they are capable of achieving whatever is expected with their unique skill set.

Adjust your traits, Improve Your Luck

While personality is thought to be predetermined there are ways to develop some of the traits characteristic of those perceived as lucky.

Open mindedness is the primary factor that allows individuals to explore new ways of thinking and behaving to achieve a lucky lifestyle When changing habits there’s a learning curve which includes failure especially in the beginning. Thus, having others who support you and are positive about your new perspective on life will help you retain your optimism.

When you have a strong support network in place try to adopt new characteristics. Beginning with your perceptions, work on viewing each unexpected situation as a possibility for reaching your goal. Think in a creative manner to generate as many strategies for taking advantage of the situation Tap into your creativity to explore new interests and develop new skills Maintain optimistic thoughts and try to view failure as moving you one step closer toward your goal. Expand you social network and establish connections with as many people as possible since this will increase the likelihood of meeting someone who offers you an opportunity leading to the fulfillment of you goal.

At first these strategies may seem difficult depending on your personality style However, the more you practice these patterns, the easier they will become until they are automatic It will become natural for you to perceive your world optimistically, think in ways that reinforce the idea that every opportunity has the potential for growth. This new world view will likely result in improved mood and changes in your behavior such that you are more spontaneous when faced with unexpected situations or when meeting new people.

When you begin to work on establishing this life plan and strive to improve in each area, over time the different aspects will become integrated into your natural personality style. One day you will suddenly realize you are living a lucky life. The ability to increase your luck is possible if you’re willing to alter your perceptions, thoughts and behaviors and use the state of your emotions as cues to your success, While some may have this “lucky” personality, few fully take advantage of these characteristics to improve their overall quality of life. Yet, if you leave your life course to chance alone, you are likely to find luck elusive.

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